D&B Tool and Die Company Ltd. was established in 1987 as a top quality tooling shop, specializing in a custom fixturing and equipment for the automotive and manufacturing industries.
D&B has over the years been offering production of subassembly cells, testers, finishing centers and welding cells.

Our advanced machine & design capabilities include fully integrated CAD/CAM, using the most up to date software available.
Quality products and customer satisfaction have always been, and continue to be, the cornerstone of D&B's success.

We produce a wide-range of products from the smallest die for a simple washer to a 50,000 lb custom fixture to support heavy duty operations.

Welding Cells for
Scaffold Industry

· Resistance
· Robotic

Subassembly Cells

· Orbital & POP Rivet
· Staking
· Part Insertion
· Screw & Bolt Drives
· Clip
· Tape
· Sealant & Gluing
· Linear Motion Systems


· Leak/Vacuum
· Torque


· Trimming
· Drilling
· Machining

and many more...


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